What Does The International Organization of Architecture Member Do

What Does The International Organization of Architecture Member Do?

Now that the member has officially joined the International Organization of Architecture, what next? The first course must be the welcoming email, an explanation of the organization history, and the names of the board members. Aside from all those, there are more architecture related activities offered.

– Conferences
This is one way to get a lot of knowledge from the experts. The topics of the conferences are varied; latest architect issues, the upcoming trend, the government program, educational goals, etc. There are lots of stakeholders in the architecture world and each of them is equally important. Thus, the members are not learning about design only, but also the urban issue and culture.

– Members Weekend
What is the best way to get to know each other? It is the meet up weekend. Instead of spending the time with heavy discussion, the members are taken to the fun trip. The concept is doing some activities related to the architectural spots. It usually takes place in different districts.

– Communities Sharing
If members weekend is for all members without mentioning the community, then the community sharing goes a little bit more specific. Instead of discussing the general goal, the meeting is focusing on how each community could do their programs. The others might get some inspirations from their fellow.

– E-Newsletter
This is probably the most effective means to share the information to all the members. There are thousands subscribers that could follow the updates related to architecture industry. One news could be very valuable to certain communities or individuals. That is main reason of e-newsletter existence.

What Does The International Organization of Architecture Member Do– Opportunities Board
Learning is not only about reading and discussing only. The most realistic way is by joining projects. It will give more practical solutions compared to the written law. Being the member of architectural organization, one should get the offer to many internships or competitions held by agen bola. They could even apply for a job!

– Website
This is another means of information sharing between the members and even public. Even though architecture is a specific branch, the person interested in this field could be everyone. A non member could get access to the newsletter and programs, while the members could also join the discussion page.

The modern community that consist of people with similar interest should have the online and face to face meeting. It is important to be updated, but the members cannot miss the importance of bonding session with each other. These are the International Organization of Architecture goals for all of its members.

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