Unique International Organization of Architecture

Unique International Organization of Architecture

While the other International Organization of Architecture stands for the signature type community: meetings, seminars, discussion, etc, some already set its specific goal. Instead of being an excellent architect with skills and knowledge, they try to implement their expertise to certain working area.

– Open Architecture Collaborative
The members of this organization belief that all the communities have the same right to apply their skills to solve problem. Unfortunately, many of the organizations are labeled as ônot qualifiedö. Thus, the open architecture collaborative brings back the idea that anyone are free to use their skill. The members consists of local communities and individuals with non profit goals.

– Architect/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility (ADPSR)
The focus of this group is the building that should be environmentally and socially friendly. To reach this purpose, the members have proposed several programs. Some of them are presenting the issue of environmentally harmful building to the public. According to this group, it is also important to consider the social part.

Unique International Organization of Architecture– Habitat of Humanity
It is not a secret that designers are often get critiques on their design and the budget to build it. While one side is debating over fancy housing, some people do not even dream of having simple house. This is where Habitat of Humanity strikes. The contribution could be either labor as volunteers in the project, financial support, or building ideas.

– Public Architecture
This is probably one of the bravest organization that describe themselves as the ôkey founder in contemporary social impact design movementö. Not only bragging about its achievement, this organization also push many firms to apply certain design that fits only in the specific area. Furthermore, the Public Architecture also pair the non profits and the suitable firm.

Unique International Organization of Architecture– American Architecture Foundation
If one is interested in this foundation, then they are ready to work towards the similar goals; building the liveable and sustainable cities. The branches could be found on many cities across the United States. Currently, the programs require the members to serve the major metropolitan region. Soon enough, the members might move to the smaller villages or cities.

There is nothing wrong of a general architect. However, there will be a different challenge for those who already set their goal to improve specific branch. For example, some architects are only interested in builing the eco friendly house. For this reason, they should join the International Organization of Architecture that has similar interest.

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