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Edward A. Schatz :





Organic Art



The Legacy Series by Edward A. Schatz  is a new archive never before done, whereupon I videotape one-on-one interviews, discussions, informal conversation with the Modern Masters of Art and Organic Architecture from around the world, preserved to DVD for those separated from those people by time and by geography.

It is a living recording of those whilst they burned in the fire that is their lives, to carry on for all times available. 

These will serve to teach, inform, open discusssion topics, debates, and for architects and artists tro view their peers and professionals and see what they are doing and thinking in their own words.

Any specific questions that anyone needs to address to me personally, please feel free to e-mail me.

More later, in the spirit of freedom, Edward A. Schatz.



La Serie della Tradizione di Edward A. Schatz è un nuovo archivio in costruzione, che registra le interviste, le discussioni, la conversazione informale con i Maestri Moderni dell'Arte e dell'Architettura Organica di tutto il mondo, conservati a DVD per le persone che sono separati da quella gente dal tempo e dalla geografia. È una registrazione vivente di quelli mentre si sta bruciando il fuoco delle loro vite, per continuare per tutti i tempi in futuro.

Questi serviranno ad insegnare, informare, aprire i soggetti di discussioni, dibattiti ed affinché gli architetti e gli artisti osservino i loro pari e professionisti ed a vedere che cosa stanno facendo e pensando nelle loro proprie parole. Tutte le domande specifiche che chiunque vuole inviarmi personalmente, prego di inviarmele liberamente per e-mail.

Sempre meglio, nello spirito di libertà, Edward A. Schatz.








" The Legacy Series "

8 October 2008


The Legacy Series Advances


        My friends; hello.

        We are moving forward every day as time moves us along. I wanted to create a series where those creative individuals in organic architecture and art would be remembered and captured in more than static photographs. Something that; beyond their times, people could come and see them and visit with them as they spoke about their lives and answered questions that came into my mind. For many I am too late, Wright and Goff, Gaudi and Zevi are gone. I have conjectured much about the meaning of the Legacy Series in these past few months. I am looking forward to my sojourn to Italy and England for a proposed 11 interviews to the Series. I am looking forward to meeting the Italians, who from the onset have held close a great regard and understanding of Frank Lloyd Wright, Bruce Goff, Antonio Gaudi and Bruno Zevi. I have stated before, perhaps not here, that while we hold sacred and reverence to these masters of  the birthing of organic architecture, we have not paid homage to those masters who are where with us now. They are gone, and the world has changed, and no longer are they available to ask of and solve our dilemmas, so now, we must turn to the new masters. I remember during an interview many years hence; with architect Norm Applebaum of Mt. Helix residence near San Diego stating “when you meet these people, ask everything you wish to know of them, have them tell their stories, because when they are gone, the story is over and the book is closed.” This is where the Legacy Series enters, with regard and affection and understanding to those we are learning from now. I have always been bothered by our means of lauds to those already gone, and forget the lionization of those still alive.  

        We all have common ancestors and ancestry, our common thread to the past from mankind’s earliest residents; our huddled masses in caves resplendid with pretroglyphs. The two forms; shelter from the elements, enemies, predators, weather and all of the other considerations that collaterally follow that, and the art forms that marked those dwellings inside and out, have followed us through our evolution and development. They are as essential to our movement through time, as sustenance and, fire, water and air. They are records as well as necessities.

        We have in fact, forgotten our colleagues and friends from who we learn from, and this is wrong. It is not a popular idea I am expressing here, but simply a truthful one. These candid sittings may be our only like to see these people for those of us too far geographically from them, or have not means to procure a happenstance meeting to hold court with them, or simply born too late. The vibrancy of their lives and speech and joy and that which they were in the fires that burned which are their lives. I am constantly looking about to see who must be considered, and fret occasionally that I may not get to some individuals, or in some instance missed some, something I had previously not considered.

        The Series has now fully bifurcated, and those artists, who were originally not given the call, now have; and have responded well. There is art in architecture and architecture in art. It is art, in large part that drives these creative architects, and for many artists, architecture that in turn captures their eye. There are also those who gentle straddle the fence between the two, and are strong in their devotion for both.

         I am not always certain, except what I feel is right, who must be included here, and their names are many. So, I must continue forward and speak to as many as it is possible, and then let time and others decide if I did right by them. If we wait until they are gone, then we will never know them. I hope that I have it in me to sit with all of these individuals whom have so far enriched my life beyond measure. So, my friends; welcome………….

         Edward A. Schatz






The  architect’s “Legacy Series”: consented/confirmed participants


08   participants- September-  proposed from September 14th to September 30th


Roger Dean- artist/architectural designer                  East Sussex                                                                  

Christopher Day- architect                                         Wales -  

Patrick Woodroffe- artist                                          Cornwall                                          postponed

Rodney Matthews- artist                                           East Wales                                       till 2009

Chris Achilleos- artist                                                London    

Chris Foss- artist                                                        Guernsey

Jim Burns

Chris Moore




Giovanni D’Ambrosio- architect                                Rome

Carmine & Carlo Sarno- architects                           Naples                                                       (13)

Beniamino & Laura Rocca- architects                      Milan                     

Aldo Loris Rossi- architect                                       Naples                               

Mario Galvagni- architect                                         Milan           

Giuliano  Chelazzi- architect                                    Florence       

Maurizio Manzieri- artist                                          Turin             



Steve Hanson- construction/design-                       Australia  

Gregory Burgess- architect-                                      Australia                                                                         

Laurie Virr- architect-                                               Australia                                                    (4)

Peter Cresswell- architect-                                       New Zealand    



John R. Kay- architect-                                             British Columbia, Canada             

Steve Badanes- architect-                                          Washington 

R H Oshatz- architect-                                             Portland, Oregon                                      (6)            

Milenko Matanovic- artist/builder-                        Issaquah, Washington

Joseph Henry Wythe- architect-                             Sandpoint, Idaho           

(Glen Small- architect                                               Waldport, Oregon     moving to Nicaragua?)   



Alicia Austin- artist                                                 West Hills, Calif.

Wallace Cunningham- architect                              San Diego, California         

Rick & Ruth Meghiddo- architects/artists              Long Beach, California 

Allyn Morris- architect                                            Silverlake, California 

William Stout- artist                                                Pasadena, California- October ?               (11)

Arthur Stern- architect/glass artist                          Benicia, California                                    

Eric Corey Freed- architect-                                    San Francisco, California         

Richard Keding- architect                                        Santa Rosa, California

Eugene Tsui-   architect                                           Emeryville, California

Frank Cirocco- artist                                                San Jose, Calif.

Stanley Mouse- artist                                               Sebastopol, Calif.



Randolph Henning- architect                               North Carolina    

Dan Duckham- architect                                       North Carolina                                             (3) 

Jim H. Fox- architect                                            North Carolina                      



Douglass J. Cardinal- architect-                                             , Canada

Greg Wright- architect-                                       Capetown. South Africa       

Alberts en Van Huut- architects-                        Netherlands 

Bart Prince- architect                                            Albuquerque, New Mexico           

Robert Allan Bowlby- architect                           Denver, Colorado                                                                                                                                      

Terry Brown- architect                                                      Texas          

Peter Vetsch- architect-                                       Switzerland                                                                                                   

Larry Zgoda- architectural glass                           Chicago, Illinois    

Gary McCowan- architect                                    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma     

Kamal Amin- architect                                        Scottsdale, Arizona                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Carlos Paez Villaro- artist/architect                    Punta Ballena, Uruguay          

Ciruelo Cabral- artist                                           Barcelona, Spain     

James Christensen- tentative                              Sundance, Utah

Charles Vess-                                                       Abingdon ,Virginia

Jean Giraud-                                                                           , France

Chris Moore- tentative                                                         , England

Brian and Wendy Froud-                                                      , England    





Not yet consented or contacted


Mike Kaluta  

Luis Royo              

Robert Crumb   

Bruce Pennington -  UK

Mike Mignola

Jim Burns

Alan Lee





Non Participating Individuals                                                                                  


Santiago Calatrava- architect, Switzerland                            ****  declined

Wellington Quigley- architect, San Diego                              ****  declined

Kendrick Bangs Kellogg- architect, San Diego                     ****  declined

Norm Applebaum- architect, San Diego                                ****  declined

Julius Schulman- archit. photographer , Los Angeles            **** declined

Paolo Soleri- architect. Arizona                                             ****  declined

Antoine Predock- architect, New Mexico                               ****  declined

Jacques Gillet- architect, Belgium                                         ****  declined  

Frank Gehry- architect, Santa Monica                                   ****  declined

Gary Tucker- architect- Santa Rosa, California                     ****  declined

Syd Mead- graphic designer, Los Angeles                            ****  declined

Richard Corben- artist, California                                          ****  declined

Barry Windsor-Smith- artist, NY                                            ****  declined

Arthur Quarmby- architect, England                                       **** declined

Andy Goldsworthy- sculptor, Scotland                                  ****  unable to contact

Narcissus Quagliata- stained glass- Mexico                          ****  no reply

Javier Senosian- architect- Mexico                                        ****  no reply

Michael Barsochini- architect, Malibu                                    ****  no reply

Dale Chuhuly- glass artist, Washington                                ****  no reply

Bernadetta Tagliabue- architect, Italy                                   ****  no reply 

Will Bruder- architect- New Mexico                                       **** no reply

Fred Stitts-architect/ teacher- San Francisco                        ***  no reply

Christopher Alexander- San Francisco                                  ***  no reply

Renzo Piano- architect, Italy                                                  ***  no reply

Savin Couelle- architect, Italy                                                ***  no reply

Sandor Devenyi- architect, Hungary                                     ***  postponed

Imre Makovecz- architect, Hungary                                       ***  postponed

Gyorgy Csete- architect, Hungary                                         ***  postponed

Antti Lovag- builder, France                                                  ***  no reply

Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell- artists, Pennsylvania                ***  declined

Gahan Wilson- artist, NY                                                     **** declined

Peter de Se’ve- artist, NY                                                     **** refused contact

David Pearson- architect, England                                        *** unable to contact

Lela Dowling- artist, California                                              ***  no reply

Rowena Morrill- artist, NY                                                     ***  no reply

Berni Wrightson-artist, Ca                                                    ***  unable to contact

H. R. Giger- artist  Switzerland                                             ***  no reply

Gaetano Pesce- architect , NY                                             ***  no reply                                                     

Olivia Berardinis- artist, Malibu, Ca                                      ***  no reply




Dan Erickson- architect **** deceased,                       Octopber 27, 2006, Barrington, Illimois.

Alton Kelly- artist **** deceased,                               June 1, 2008, San Francisco, California.

Dean Bryant Vollendorf- architect **** deceased,    May 6, 2008, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nader Khalili- architect **** deceased,                     March 5, 2008, Hesperia, California

Eugene Fay Jones- architect **** deceased,             






Finished Participants:



  1. sam malloof- san gabriel valley, california, nov 13, 2005, qpprox. 45 minutes

  1. arthur dyson- fresno, california, march 16, 2006, approx. 3 hours

  1. drew hubbell- san diego, california, march 22, 2006, approx. 2 hours

  1. eric lloyd wright- malibu, california, july 16, 2006, 1 hour  52 minutes.

  1. daniel lieberman- inverness ridge, california, august 25, 2006, approx. 2 hours

  1. mickey muennig- big sur, california, august 23, 2006, approx. 1 hour

  1. obie bowman- cloverdale, california, august 24, 2006, approx. 2 hours

  1. sim van der ryn- inverness, california, august 26, 2006, approx. 1 hour

  1. james schildroth- wiscassset, maine, june 16, 2006, approx.. 1 hour 15 minutes

  1. malcolm wells- brewster, massachusetts, june 17, 2006,  approx..41  minutes

  1. eddie jones- phoenix, arizona, july 20, 2007, approx. 1 hr 10 minutes

  1. james hubbell- santa ysabel, california, october 1, 2007, approx.1 hour 2 minutes 

  1. helena arahuete- playa del rey, california, january 16, 2008, approx. 1 hour  45 minutes

  1. james wines- new york city, new york, september 14, 2008, approx.  1 hour

  1. stephen hickman- red hook, new york, september 15, 2008, approx.  1 hour 28 minutes

  1.  travis louie- red hook, new york, september 16, 2008, approx. 1 hour 14 minutes

  1. michael whelan- danbury, connecticut, september 17, 2008, approx. 1 hour  41 minutes

  1. bob eggleton- warwick, rhode island, september 18, 2008, approx. 1 hour 50 minutes

  1. don maitz- sarasota, florida, september 22, 2008, approx. 1 hour 6 minutes

  1. janny wurts- sararsota, florida,  september 23, 2008, approx. 1 hour 28 minutes

  1. william miller- new smyrna beach, florida, september 24, 2008, approx. 55 minutes





Presentations / Slideshow



  1. drew hubbell- Ecowave Conference- 2002

  1. james hubbell- Ecowave Conference- 2002

  1. eric lloyd wright- Ecowave Conference- 2002

  1. kendrick bangs kellogg- Ecowave Conference- 2002

  1. bart prince- San Diego New School of Architecture- 2000

  1. mickey muennig- San Diego New School of Architecture- 1999











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